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Meet The Trek Fuel EX!

Trek's Fuel EX 9.9 is a versatile trail bike!Meet The Fuel EX

The Fuel EX lives for true, all-day trail riding. With custom-tuned rear suspension and frame geometry dialed for all-day comfort, the Fuel EX balances high-speed descending abilities with excellent climbing qualities. There's a reason that this is Trek’s most popular full suspension bike, it boasts the most advanced technology in the mountain bike world.

The Technology
At the heart of every Trek full suspension mountain bike is ride-improving technology. It's what separates Trek from the rest. Trek's engineers focus only on technologies that deliver higher performance, greater control and lighter weight in every bike. The Fuel EX exemplifies this philosophy with class-leading ABP, Full Floater, EVO Link and E2 technologies. Read on to learn how much better this technology will make your next ride.

Click to enlarge!ABP stands for Active Braking Pivot, a form of enhancing suspension activity while braking. Simply stated, ABP prevents the suspension from stiffening when you're braking. You'll be able to rail into a corner, scrub speed as you turn and still enjoy the bump-absorbing control of the rear suspension. The difference is especially noticeable in rough terrain or corners with stutter bumps. This crucial feature is found on the Fuel EX 7 and above.

Your enhanced braking control comes about courtesy of a concentric rear axle pivot placed directly in-line with the wheel's axle. The wheel skewer goes directly through the rear pivot bearing and any standard wheel can be used. Because the pivot remains on the same plane as the rear axle, the disc caliper remains aligned with the rotor. The braking stays aligned and your suspension stays active - just the way you want it.

Full Floater
Click to enlarge!The term Full Floater refers to the way the Fuel EX's rear shock floats between two pivot points. Most rear shock systems mount one end to a moving link and the other to a fixed link. The floating shock mount found on the Fuel EX ensures that the shock itself can react optimally no matter how much of an impact triggers its action. The shock's travel path and optimized leverage ratio ensure incredible small bump compliance, great midstroke control and seemingly bottomless travel. 

The Full Floater is coupled with a Fox Racing rear shock for controlled suspension without wallow or bob. You'll be able to pedal efficiently while leaving the rear suspension at incredibly active settings that will enhance your control over rough terrain. You'll have incredibly supple travel, efficient climbing and use of the entire shock stroke. This crucial feature is found on the Fuel EX 7 and above.

EVO Link
Click to enlarge!Trek's EVO Link is a revolutionary one-piece rocker arm that is incredibly light and stiff. Traditional rocker links use plate-and-bolt designs made in several pieces. The EVO is made from one-piece forged magnesium so it's lighter than traditional rocker links. The one-piece design is also much stiffer so you can hold tighter lines. The result is a point-and-shoot feel that rips through tight corners.

Trek's E2 head tube and steerer tube uses a system that tapers from a 1.5-inch Click to enlarge!width at the bottom, or lower fork race, to a 1 1/8-inch width at the top, or upper race. The tapered design provides the weight benefits of a traditional 1 1/8-inch system with the stiffness and steering precision of a 1.5-inch system. The weight saved is over half a pound and stiffness is increased a whopping 27%! 

Trek achieves these benefits by tapering the frame both internally and externally, placing more material at the lower race where it matters most. Custom forks with tapered steerer tubes are provided by RockShox and Fox. The result is that the front end of your bicycle is virtually immune to the effect of trail obstacles that seek to push and twist your fork away from the line you want to ride. The fork's firm attachment provides incredibly precise steering, excellent high-speed stability and less flex in off-camber situations. Terrifying, technical trails become manageable amusement parks where you test your speed!

Is The Fuel EX For Me?
Oh yeah! The EX's incredible versatility makes it an ideal bicycle for a wide range of riders. You may have gathered that the Fuel EX thrives on technical singletrack and performs in all conditions. Looking to charge through rock gardens, steep descents, log piles and moderate drops? The Fuel rolls confidently when gravity is on your side. The EX is a superb climber too, whether on technical terrain or even smooth fireroad. This makes the Fuel EX a great bike for riders searching for a trail bike to push the limits or someone just seeking to ride established trails with comfort. Marathon racers will love its ability to handle tough descents and cross-country racers will revel in its climbing ability. We've even found riders new to cycling who love the Fuel's ability to tame the urban jungle and gravel paths. This is an incredibly versatile bike.

What The Experts Say
Don't take our word for it. We'll leave you with what Travis Brown had to say about the Fuel EX and a few beautiful images of the EX in action.

"If I could only have one bike on a singletrack-laden desert island, the Fuel EX is it. I’ve used this bike in cross-country races, and even short-track races, and then taken it for a long weekend in Moab to ride with friend on long-travel bikes. It gives me the feeling of way more than 120mm of travel, all without losing snappy pedaling efficiency. And the E2 front end is stiff in a way I am only used to feeling on double-crown forks."  
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