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Trek Bicycle Store of London

Winter Bicycle Storage

Keep your bike out of winter's worst weather. We have a secure location for your bike to stay warm, dry and rust-free over the winter. Storing your bike over the winter months will keep your drivetrain rust free, prevent rubber tires from cracking in extreme cold and help to keep your grips and seat in tip top shape. Our indoor storage with keep your bike free from moisture, cold and corrosion. Too cold to drive over? No problem, we also offer pick up and delivery.


Bicycles will be stored onsite in a secure lock up, only accessible by Trek staff. All bicycles must be collected by April 1st.

Storage + Overhaul

Our overhaul service package including bike wash, drivetrain removal & cleaning, all new cables & housing plus a full tune up including wheel true.

Winter storage included. 

Overhaul + Pick Up / Drop Off

Our $239.99 package with the addition of our Pick Up and Drop Off service. Pick Up times are between 7am-10am, Drop Off between 6pm & 8pm (48 hour notice). By appointment. 

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