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Trek's Madone Is Here

Trek's 2008 Madone is lighter, stiffer and faster!

The all-new Madone began when Trek's Advanced Concept Group challenged itself to create the finest all-day road bike. They started with a blank slate — no givens or constraints. Anything and everything could be questioned. The only requirements: No compromises between ride quality and weight. Merge form and function. Make it striking and make it beautiful.

A small army of experts created the new Madone!Trek didn't set out to make the lightest or stiffest bike, or the best ratio of the two. That would have been relatively easy. The real goal would be much more difficult to achieve, yet much more groundbreaking: a truly refined blend of maximum structural efficiency, optimum comfort, and complete ride experience. It was the biggest design project Trek has undertaken on any bike, at any time. For almost two years, an army of designers, engineers, physicists, chemists, carbon producers, bike shop owners, project managers, average riders — and a few way-above-average riders that go by the names of George, Levi, Popo and Lance — scrutinized every detail of the new Madone, which has resultedin the ultimate ride.


Guided by a fuselage concept of integration without compromise, the Madone adopts a holistic approach to bicycle design. Previously separate systems have been re-engineered to function seamlessly with the frame. The integrated headset, seat mast, integrated bottom bracket, and Trek's E2 fork all contribute to a total fuselage system that performs better and weighs less. This year's Madone is over 250 grams, or a half-pound, lighter!

The Madone crankset saves weight and increases pedaling efficiency!


Nearly all other frame designs on the road are restricted by the need to stay within the industry-standard 68mm bottom bracket shell width. Not so with the new Madone, which uses Net Molding carbon technology and Precision Fit Sockets to place the bottom-bracket bearings directly in the frame itself. The result is an exclusive 90mm-wide bottom bracket providing a 48% increase in lateral stiffness. And the BB is designed to accept most two-piece cranks from Shimano, Campagnolo, Bontrager, SRAM and FSA without affecting the Q-factor (pedal-to-pedal width). This integrated bottom bracket design also saves 40 grams over traditional designs.


Trek's Madone also offers riders a choice of three fit options, all sharing the same Tour-proven geometry. Now you can have the ride you crave with the position that best fits your needs.

Pro Fit (the racer's choice) uses the same aggressive fit as the original Madone that passed cycling's most grueling tests at races like the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia.

Performance Fit (for racers and enthusiasts alike) shares the Pro Fit's Tour geometry, plus features a 30mm taller head tube that provides a slightly higher handlebar position.

WSD Fit (designed specifically for women) is based on the Performance Fit, and fine-tuned to address a woman's different body structure. Stop in soon and we'll help you select the perfect Madone for the ride of your life!