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Cycliq Fly 6
The Fly 6 is a fully functioning 30 lumen tail light with a built-in HD video camera. Not just for taking cool videos of your friends the Fly 6 is designed to provide video footage of traffic collisions and driving incidences. Developed in Australia these cameras are changing rider safety all over the world. - 720p video & audio recording from behind in crisp HD means Fly6 has your back, leaving you to enjoy your ride or commute. - With a seriously increased light output of up to 30 lumens, Fly6 does everything possible to ensure playback is only ever for pleasure and not incident. - With up to 6 hours of camera and light function the challenge will be who has the longest battery - you or Fly6. - Using the latest nanotechnology, Fly6 is safeguarded against any wet weather nature can throw at you. - Every Fly6 is shipped with an 8GB microSD class 10 memory card pre-installed, so you can be up and away straight out of the box.
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