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We carry a sweet selection of Bontrager bicycle components and accessories!Bontrager is intimately linked to the exploration and enjoyment of playground earth via two wheels. They make bicycle components, accessories and apparel, firmly grounded in a no-nonsense design philosophy that values function, design, quality, usability and also a green approach to production and packaging to reduce the environmental impact.Bontrager makes great gear for every cyclist!

Keith Bontrager, the founding father, started the company in the early 80's  as he created handmade bicycle frames and components in his California garage. Keith's mantra was simple: strong first, light second. Keith quickly gained a sterling reputation.

In 1995 Trek acquired the company and Keith came over to work under the Trek umbrella. Then in 2003, Bontrager reached a major milestone in becoming the official wheel and components supplier of Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service Cycling Team. Keith enjoyed the thrill of watching the components he put a lifetime into creating, conquer the cobbles of Northern Europe, climb the great cols of the Tour de France and put Lance on top of the Tour podium time and again.

Today you name it and Bontrager makes it. For your bike you'll find wheels, brakes, handlebars, forks, saddles, stems and seatposts. And every component still reflects Bontrager's initial desire for strength and minimal weight. For example, their wheel and tire technology has set impressive new standards.

Wheels and tires can be the difference between standing on top of the podium or finishing in the pack. It's the combination of weight, rolling resistance and aerodynamics that makes all the difference. And that's why Bontrager scrutinizes every detail.

Wind-tunnel and race results prove that the aero wing structure on their Aeolus D3 (Dual Directional Design) wheels and road tires have minimized the weight, rolling resistance and wind drag for maximum speed!

The D3 design was born when Bontrager's wheels were aerodynamically tested from multiple directions, not just the leading edge. The result is a revolutionary rim shape that's shallower and in turn lighter, climbs more easily, accelerates faster and handles better. This attention to detail and both lab and real-life testing is applied to all Bontrager components.
From lights and computers, to helmets, tools, baskets and bars, Bontrager makes it!
That's why Bontrager's selection of clothing and accessories are as impressive as their wheels and tires. They realize that cycling is so much more than racing, and you'll find a dedicating line of gear for everyone from commuters to tourists to mountain bikers. There are bags, baskets, fenders, lights and locks to name just a few items that will help you complete your favorite ride.

And of course, they offer men's and women's products so everyone has what they need. From helmets, gloves and shoes, to shorts, jackets and jerseys you'll find a full selection of clothing and riding accessories that look as great as they fit and function.

Stop by the shop and we'll get you and your bike riding better, faster and more comfortable than ever with Bontrager bicycle components and accessories!

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